The Donor Conception Network

The Donor Conception Network – a UK based charity

We are the only donor conception focussed charity in the UK so If you are considering using egg or sperm donation to create or expand your family then the Donor Conception Network is the place to come for support, information and community.

Having a child who won’t share your genetic make-up and/or who will be genetically connected to someone outside the family is not the same as simply using IVF. There are important differences and that can make decision-making really difficult.

We understand the range of issues that people face, the questions and the emotional roller coaster that often accompanies the move to considering donor conception. We can help you to navigate that journey and help you build confidence in the right path forward as well as offering support and community should you be successful and have a child.

Services and activities

We run a Support Line that anyone can use 020 7278 2608 or

Our website has a wealth of information and a range of personal stories

We run Preparation for Parenthood workshops for people at the ‘thinking and trying’ stage as well as Telling and Talking workshops for people with children.

We hold two conferences each year, one in London and one elsewhere in the UK,  where in addition to presentations and small groups for adults we run specialist groups for 8-12 year old’s and a crèche for younger children.  There are also regular meetups around the country.


We have a range of beautifully illustrated books for children called Our Story, to help parents explain in a simple, clear and positive way how they were conceived.

Our range of books for parents (Telling and Talking) give background and guidance on the how, when and why to tell children about their origins and how to continue that conversation through the years. The series also includes books for family and friends and books exploring the differences when a family has a donor conceived child as well as a child conceived without the help of a donor (what we call a ‘mixed’ family).


We support all families, whether you are having or have had treatment in the UK or abroad and whether people have used a known, identifiable or anonymous donor. Our membership is made up of same-sex couples, single people, heterosexual couples and donor conceived people.

Do give us a ring, or send us an email. It’s what we are here for.

And join us!