IVF Abroad with NFS

The National Fertility Society help people interested in receiving fertility treatment, or needing referrals for treatment. With impartial information on choosing a clinic abroad. Giving them an understanding of what is available from an impartial basis to make the right decisions by being informed.

NFS Treatment Referrals, NFS has set up the fertility treatment pathway service in Spain, Northern Cyprus, Prague and Greece.  NFS feels very strongly about the safety of Patients when receiving treatment outside of the UK. We do not endorse any clinics that have not been visited by 2 members of the NFS team.  We will not recommend anywhere that is not regulated and transparent in their dealings with Patients, they must treat NFS patients with respect and look after them with utmost professionalism.

The National Fertility Society If you choose to be referred by NFS we will guide you through the process from start to finish. Offering support and information throughout the process. Liaising with clinic and yourself until your treatment is completed.