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Cryos has 30 years of experience helping dreams come true.

The Worlds largest sperm bank.

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At Cryos International – Denmark we take great pride in not only being the world’s largest sperm bank, but also in having the largest selection of donors and free of charge access to online donor search. We have the world’s largest selection of both anonymous and non- anonymous donors and furthermore, we boast the highest number of registered pregnancies in the world.

Cryos supplies to more than 100 countries worldwide. Still, our international success cannot merely be attributed to our advanced research and development. In the end, it’s all about people; the people who work at Cryos, our great donors, and most of all the people who have put their trust in us and who are now – as a result of our work – the proud parents of happy, healthy children.

Why choose Cryos

Cryos continuously strives to ensure the greatest selection of high quality sperm from donors of all races and ethnicities.

You can choose from the widest range of either Anonymous or Non- anonymous donors with either Basic or Extended profiles. The Basic and the Extended profiles are distinguished by the amount of donor information that is available and by the availability of baby pictures, audio clips, handwriting, emotional intelligence tests and staff impressions. It is also possible to choose an exclusive donor.

Guinness Book of World Records has documented that Cryos has the largest sperm donor base in the world. Cryos cooperates with an extensive network of clinics and hospitals worldwide, Cryos has over the years reached the highest number of registered donor sperm pregnancies in the world.

Careful Screening & Medical Testing

Cryos is licensed according to the EU-Tissue Directive, setting the highest standards of quality and safety. Therefore Cryos can deliver donor sperm in all EU countries as well as export outside of the EU.

The donors undergo rigorous selection criteria and thorough medical examinations prior to acceptance and clearance to become a donor.

To Cryos – it is personal

Cryos supplies the sperm quality, meeting your personal requirement for fertility treatment.

To Cryos high quality and professional personal service has always ranked as the most important issue in our relations with customers. Cryos continuously work hard on improving and expanding its services and as of today Cryos has customer service and staff speaking English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.