IsoFresh Balancing Gel and Natural Douche Alternative


Designed to eliminate feminine odor and support optimal vaginal pH balance, IsoFresh is the first isotonic and paraben-free vaginal gel available – a pure, simple and safe natural douche alternative, designed to work from the inside out.



IsoFresh Balancing Gel For Odor, Yeast, and Bacteria Control

IsoFresh - Lactic Acid is the Key to Vaginal Health

Balance Bacteria, Control Yeast, and Stay Fresh With IsoFresh Balancing Gel!

IsoFresh Balancing Vaginal Gel is the first isotonic and paraben-free balancing gel available – a pure, simple, and safe natural feminine wash alternative, designed to boost your vagina’s self-cleaning capabilities that naturally minimize odor and maintain optimal pH balance. IsoFresh uses AN ADVANCED pH BUFFERING SYSTEM of lactic acid, sodium lactate, and sodium hydroxide to help bring the vagina into a healthy, acidic range to support optimal vaginal health – free of odor and irritation, and promoting healthy bacterial balance.

Lactic acid is the key to unlocking your vaginal health. You might be familiar with lactic acid as it relates to physical activity – it is the by-product of intense exercise that creates an acidic environment in muscles and causes unfortunate soreness. Your vagina, on the other hand, needs an acidic pH (~4) in order to kill or discourage other bacteria, yeast, and viruses from thriving. Healthy bacteria have room to flourish when the bad bacteria, yeast, and viruses are kept in check. In turn, these healthy bacteria naturally produce lactic acid, which helps keep the pH of the vagina in a healthy range. Simply put, lactic acid is essential to your vaginal health.

​Once your normally acidic pH gets knocked out of balance, you may experience unwanted odors and irritation, and it can even set the stage for the development of bacterial vaginosis and yeast (candida albicans) infections. Using a lactic acid containing gel, like IsoFresh Balancing Gel, can help tip the scales back in favor of vaginal health, bring the vagina back to the acidic environment it needs in order to control yeast overgrowth and bad bacteria.

recent clinical study** involving IsoFresh evaluated the link between vaginal pH and odor concerns. Women who used IsoFresh were found to have significantly lower vaginal pH, after just one dose and also after a month of using IsoFresh per the recommended use of the product. Over 95% of women in the study reported a decrease in vaginal odor concerns and a “more fresh and clean” feeling.

pH Balancing with IsoFresh

More Economical than Leading Brands, Use IsoFresh Every Three Days or so to Eliminate Feminine Odor and Balance Vaginal pH

IsoFresh - Less Concern About Odor

Over 95% of Women Felt that IsoFresh Decreased their Concerns about Unwanted Vaginal Odors. 50% of Women Said IsoFresh Decreased their Concerns “A Lot” or “Completely”.**

IsoFresh - All the Good Stuff, None of the Bad

Unlike Other Freshening Products that Contain Ingredients that Can Cause Harm, IsoFresh Contains No Oils, No Glycerin, No Hormones, and No Parabens!

IsoFresh Probiotic

Double Down on Yeast and Bad Bacteria. Combine IsoFresh Balancing Gel with IsoFresh Probiotic to Increase Your Supply of Lactic Acid in the Vagina.