SellmerDiers Sperm Bank

NFS is co-operating with SellmerDiers Sperm Bank, giving you 10% discount on your order of donor sperm, when ordered through the website.

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Why SellmerDiers Sperm Bank?

For us sperm is not a commercial product, but an opportunity to help childless people. We have donor children of our own, which means that we know how important it is that you can get help. For the same reason, we sell our product much cheaper than the normal market price.



“We take sperm banking personally”

Sperm banking is a growing industry, and to many sperm banks sperm has become a commercial product. SellmerDiers takes a different path. We focus on helping families grow, not on growing an industry.

And to us it is very personal. Co-founder of SellmerDiers, Liza Diers, is a parent through donor-conception herself, and among our staff there are several parents with donor children.

Both founders of SellmerDiers, Anette Sellmer and Liza Diers, have more than 10 years of professional experience helping women become pregnant in their own fertility clinics in Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark. So, both by personal and professional experience we know what really matters in the process of making one of the most important decisions of your life; growing a family.

Humanity, responsibility and consideration for the individual – both the parents, the donor children and the donors – are key issues at SellmerDiers. At the same time, we are uncompromising when it comes to sperm quality and screening and testing of donor applicants before being accepted into the SellmerDiers donor program.

We support diversity in family constellations, and we offer to be like a trusted friend by your side on your journey towards parenthood.

Free Photo Match

Are you looking for a donor who bears a likeness to you or your partner?

At SellmerDiers we will gladly help you find a match amongst our many donors, free of charge.