Surrogacy With NFS

The National Fertility Society has set up a Surrogacy branch for intended parents and surrogates

If you are an intended parent the membership cost is £750 to initially join if you are looking for a surrogate, or £500 if you supply your own surrogate.  NFS is a not for profit agency, these fees cover information sessions, DBS checks. Regular social meetings and a annual conference.  Surrogates do not pay a fee to join but there is still an application form for you to complete, we will also need a couple of things like your GP letter and a DBS to be completed.  NFS has a fantastic executive team on hand from Doctors, Nurses, Embryologists and Consultants to offer medical information.  NFS also has a team of Qualified Specialist Counsellors to offer one to one support.  We also have a legal team on hand for advice.  You will never be asked to pay for any advice or information this is all covered by the membership fee.

The National Fertility Society provides a platform for Surrogates and Intended Parents to meet and match for their surrogacy journey.  NFS Surrogacy provide support and implications counselling, with clinic reports, help with parental orders and guidance on wills and life insurance.  Access to a closed FB group to meet and match with potential surrogates or IP’s, Social events and annual conference.

NFS also has surrogacy pathways for patients in Europe and the USA.  NFS feel very strongly about the safety of the Intended Parents, surrogate and baby.  We do not endorse any clinics that have not been visited by 2 members of the NFS executive team.  We will not recommend anywhere that is not regulated and transparent in their dealings with the IP’s, who respect the surrogates and treat them well.

Do you Want to Become an NFS Surrogate. At the National Fertility Society all of our surrogates are supported throughout their surrogacy journey and beyond.  Becoming a surrogate is a very rewarding process, NFS counsellors are here to support you throughout the psychological process of IVF, pregnancy and post pregnancy, hormones can alter the state of your mind and emotions, your mental health is just as important as your physical health, NFS is here for you.  We have families from all different backgrounds wanting to become parents and due to medical reasons are unable to achieve their goal.



Laura our surrogate says ‘I had my first surrogate baby in April 2020, initially contacted, successfully matched and guided throughout by Sandra from NFS, I was reassured that no question was a stupid one and that she was always available for support if needed before we obtained a positive result, throughout the pregnancy and after delivery. Definitely recommend as it made my first journey very enjoyable.’   


Hannah & Jake the Intended Parents said ‘Jake and I were super lucky to have our amazing surrogate Laura carry Millie for us, but that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the National Fertility Society who brought us together and guided us through our journey’


Haidee & Andy NFS IP’s and Charlotte the surrogate say ‘Sandra at NFS SURROGACY GROUP was a huge help and to be honest I don’t think I would of had the confidence to start this journey. We was given emotional support and guidance throughout this experience and I can proudly say we are weeks away from meeting our son who our friend and lovely surrogate is carrying for us. 

Thank you for helping my dream of being a mummy become a reality x’

From Haidee and Andy