Surrogacy Referral Pathway

The National Fertility Society provides information to the public on a range of fertility topics, helping people interested in fertility treatment or undergoing fertility treatment, or needing referrals to treatment or surrogacy. With impartial information on choosing a clinic and receiving treatment in the UK or abroad. Giving them an understanding of what is available from an impartial basis to make the right decisions by being informed.  We also provide easy access to independent Specialist Fertility Counsellors throughout the UK within their area via our Find a Fertility Counsellor Map on the NFS website.

NFS has set up a surrogacy the pathway service due to pressure from patients approaching us wanting help.  NFS feel very strongly about the safety of the Intended Parents, surrogate and baby.  We do not endorse any clinics that have not been visited by 2 members of the NFS executive team.  We will not recommend anywhere that is not regulated and transparent in their dealings with the IP’s, who respect the surrogates and treat them well.

The National Fertility Society has arranged surrogacy pathways with clinics outside of the UK.  We have a number of clinics NFS have inspected, from the USA and Europe that meet our exacting standards for us to be happy to recommend to patients from the UK.  If you choose to be referred by NFS we will guide you through the process from start to finish.  Offering support and updates throughout the process.  We will even help with your parental order when your baby is back home in the UK.

For more information please email joanne.carwardine