Ultrasound Scans

NFS offers an extensive range of diagnostic ultrasound scans as part of fertility investigations and assisted conception treatment.

Using 3D and 4D technology, NFS sonographers are able to see a woman’s ovaries and assess the uterine cavity for fibroids and polyps.  A saline scan may also be offered for a more detailed picture of the uterus.

NFS can also offer HyCoSy scanning procedures, which takes approximately half an hour. You will have an internal scan first; the sonographer will take measurements of the uterus (womb), endometrium (lining of womb) and ovaries to observe the presence of any abnormalities (polyp, fibroids etc) looking in detail at the lining of the womb and the fallopian tubes.

NFS is also delighted to offer pregnancy scans and Gender Scans. This service can provide valuable reassurance and the opportunity to bond with the new family addition, you will receive pictures and can also have your images on a USB stick.

Although ultrasound imaging is generally considered safe when used prudently by appropriately trained health care providers, ultrasound energy has the potential to produce biological effects on the body. Ultrasound waves can heat the tissues slightly. In some cases, it can also produce small pockets of gas in body fluids or tissues (cavitation). The long-term consequences of these effects are still unknown. Because of the particular concern for effects on the fetus, it is recommended only prudent use of ultrasound imaging in pregnancy.